The four seasons


I like summer because of holidays! They are the longest. No studies, no duties. Every day I can play football with my friends. It is time for ice cream and tasty fresh. I like when my mother make watermelon and ice cream fresh. I and my family go to the cinema in the evening s. We watch a film then eat ice cream or pizza and then.


I like winter too. Me and my sister make a snowman, play snowball. It is funny to walk: I like winter because of new year and we get perfect gifts. People like visiting winter resorts, for example `Caxkadzor, Dilijan and other places. A lot of peoples like to go to Caxkadzor and ride snowboard, sled and ski.


I am fond of spring. Nature awaken. Trees are green, flowers are colorful. Birds singing. Spring for me the most beautiful season. But I don’t like march because it is rain so much.


I am not fond of autumn because of weather. In the end of Autumn it is really bed. The days are shortest, the nights are longest. But my lovely holiday is in Autumn it is Halloween. As American people celebrate it in a best way It’s my dream to celebrate the Halloween in USA.

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