Crazy records

Tallest mohawk

strange world records

Japanese fashion designer Kazuhiro Watanabe has a mohawk that is 3 feet 8 inches.


Snow Endurance

strange world records

Jin Songhao spent 46 minutes and 7 seconds buried up to his chest in snow.

Tallest lego tower

strange world records

A tower built in front of Oslo’s city hall in 2010 measured 30.22 meters.

Longest cigar

strange world records

The longest cigar was 81.8 meters, or most of the length of a football field,.

Most chess games played at one time

strange world records

In 2011 Iranian Grand Master Ehsan Ghaem-Maghami played 604 simultaneous chess games. It took him 24 hours and he won 580 of them.

Largest sandwich

strange world records

Put together in Mexico City in 2004, the sandwich weighed 3,178 kg.

Most people hula hooping

strange world records

In 2013 just outside of Bangkok, Thailand 4483 people hula hooped for 7 minutes.

Largest card stacking structure

strange world records

Bryan Berg created an Eiffel Tower of 75,000 cards in 2013.

Most spoons on body

strange world records

Etibar Elchiyev balanced 53 spoons on his body in 2013 in Tbilisi, Georgia

Most violins played

strange world records

Ukrainian Oleksandr Bozhyk played 4 violins in an attempt to establish the record in 2012.

Largest biceps

strange world records

Egyptian Mostafa Ismail has bicepts with a diameter of 67 inches

Most balls juggled

strange world records

Alex Barron of the UK juggled 11 balls for 23 consecutive catches

Largest drum set

strange world records

Owned by Dr Mark Temperato of the United States this set consists of 340 pieces.

Heaviest rideable bicycle

strange world records

Built by Wouter van den Bosch of the Netherlands this bike weighs 750 kg.

Tallest horse

strange world records

Big Jake from Wisconsin is 210 cm tall.

Farthest eyeball popper

strange world records

Kim Goodman of the USA can pop her eyeballs almost half an inch out of her skull.

Stretchiest skin

strange world records

Gary Turner of the UK can stretch his skin over 6 inches.


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