1.1 Write the short form (she’s/we aren’t etc.).
1. She is-she’s
2. They are-they’re
3. It is not-it isn’t
4. That is-that’s
5. I am not-I’m not
6. You are not-

You aren’t

1.2 Write am, is or are
1. The weather is nice today.
2. I am not rich.
3. This bag is heavy.
4. These bags are heavy.
5. Look! There is Helen.
6. My brother and I are good tennis players.
7. Emily is at home. Her children are at school.
8. I am a taxi driver. My sister is a nurse.

1.3 Complete the sentences.
1. Steve is ill. He’s in bed.
2. I’m not hungry, but I’m thirsty.
3. Mr Thomas is a very old man. He’s 98.
4. These chairs aren’t beautiful, but they’re comfortable.
5. The weather is nice today. It’s warm and sunny.
6. ‘You’re late’. ‘No, I’m not. I’m early!’
7. Catherine isn’t at home. She’s at work.
8. ‘I’m like your coat’. ‘Oh, thank you very much’.

1.4 Look at Lisa’s sentences in 1A. Now write sentences about yourself. 
1. My name’s Ofelia.
2. I’m 12 years old.
3. I’m from Armenia.
4. I don’t go to job.
5. My favourite colours are black and white.
6. I’m interested in design.

1.5 Write sentences for the pictures. Use.
angry, cold, hot, hungry, scared, thirsty
1. She’s thirsty.
2. They’re cold.
3. He’s hot.
4. He’s scared.
5. They’re hungry.
6. She’s angry.

1.6 Write true sentences, positive or negative. Use is/isn’t or are/aren’t.
1. It isn’t hot day. or It’s hot day.
2. It isn’t windy today. or It is windy today.
3. My hands are cold. or My hands aren’t cold.
4. Brazil isn’t a very big country. or Brazil is a very big country.
5. Diamonds isn’t cheap. or Diamonds is cheap.
6. Toronto isn’t in the US. or Toronto is in the US.

Write true  sentences, positive or negative. Use I’m/I’m not
7. I’m tired. or I’m not tired.

8. I’m hungry. or I’m not hungry.
9. I’am a good swimmer. or I’m not a good swimmer.
10. I’m interested in football. or I’m not interested in football.


Is bullying a problem in your school?
Bullying isn’t a problem in our school, because first we don’t have friends like Becky and we don’t answer unknown numbers. i have instagram but my page is private, and my page is only for friends. And in our school doesn’t have problem like this.

What can people do to stop it?
First that people must do in this situation, doesn’t answer in this messages, and then they understand that is a serious problem blocked him or close her account.

More messages … Who is sending them? And what can Kay do?


Kay got another message as she was leaving for school.

unknown number: You’re so ugly.

She put her phone in her pocket and walked to the bus stop. There were messages every day now. Who was it? Why were they doing it? The phone beeped.

candybear76: freak!

Now even her friends weren’t talking to her. Becky was the only one who was still friendly. She was Kay’s oldest friend. The phone beeped again. It was a comment on her Facebook photo.

princesspusheen: No one wants to look at you. Loser!

Kay felt really upset. She was trying to delete the messages and block the users. But more messages came from different names. Becky thought it was a hacker. Kay contacted the sites telling them what was happening but they didn’t answer.

Becky was waiting at the bus stop. ‘Hi, Kay, are you all right?’ ‘No. There were more messages this morning. Do you think I should go to the police?’ ‘Maybe,’ said Becky. ‘But I don’t think they can help. I think he’s using anon.com. Hackers use that website to hide their identity so the police can’t find them. Anyway, I think I know who it is …’ Just then the bus came and they got on.

There were lots of kids from school on the bus. Kay thought they were all looking at her. Julie McGann was talking quietly to her friend. They both started laughing. Kay and Becky sat down. ‘Who is it?’ asked Kay. ‘Shh! He’s sitting at the back. Don’t look!’ Kay looked around. Ollie Jones was on the back seat, looking at his phone. ‘But why?’ asked Kay. ‘You finished with him, didn’t you?’ said Becky. ‘What? We weren’t going out,’ said Kay. ‘And I don’t even like him.’ ‘Yeah, well I heard he really liked you.’

That day at school was really bad. When she didn’t have classes with Becky no one sat next to her or talked to her. There were more messages.

anookins2014: What happened to your face?

pixiestar: You make me sick.

bellatricks17: Everyone hates you!

By lunchtime Kay was really upset. Mrs Gibson her music teacher saw her crying and Kay told her everything. She offered to go to the police with Kay. She said they were better at finding cyberbullies now. The bell rang. It was time for class.

Kay had ICT next. Her class was in the computer room, but the teacher wasn’t there yet. Becky was in a different group for ICT. Everyone went quiet when Kay came in. There was only one computer left. She moved the mouse and saw the website. It was called hatekay.com. There were photos of Kay but they were changed to make them look horrible. There was one of Kay that looked like a zombie. There was a message at the top of the page:

Like this page if you hate Kay Granger.

There were more than 100 likes. Her phone beeped.

unknown number: I’m watching you.

Kay ran from the room and didn’t stop until she got home. She didn’t go back to school that week. She didn’t switch on her computer or mobile phone. On Monday, Mrs Gibson called. The police thought they knew who the bully was. Kay decided to go and tell Becky.

Becky was in her bedroom working on her computer. They started to talk, but then Becky’s mum opened the door. She looked worried. ‘Becky, can you come downstairs?’ Kay stood up too. ‘Could you wait here please, Kay?’

Kay waited, but Becky didn’t come back. Then the computer started beeping. It was a message. Kay looked at the screen. She couldn’t believe what she saw. There were photos of Ollie Jones. Some of them had kisses around them. There was one of Becky and Ollie together. There was a message at the bottom of the screen. Kay clicked on it and a website opened up. It was anon.com. It was Becky’s home page. Just then the door opened. It was Becky’s mum. She was very upset. There was someone standing behind her. ‘Kay, this policewoman wants to talk to you.’


Complete the sentences

1. On Saturday I played computer games with my cousins.

2. My mum did not cook dinner last night.

3. I walked to school because there weren’t any buses

4. They did not dance at the party.

5. My brother travelled to Ireland last summer.


2. Write the past simple of these verbs

1. copy __ copied

2. revise __ revised

3. cycle __ cycled

4. listen __ listened

5. practise __ practised

6. play __ played

7. like __ liked

8. move __ moved

9. shout __ shouted10. start __ startedlll.


3.Write the words in the correct order.

1. Did you like the film?

2. How many people did you ask?

3. Did they have a good time?

4. What did we do at the weekend?

5. Where did she buy that DVD?

6. Did he go to your party on Saturday?

7. Who did you see yesterday?


4. Correct the sentences

1)Did he go to school yesterday?

2)Why did you go home early?

3)Where did you learn English?

4)Did she work today?

5)What do you do yesterday?

6)Did they phone you last night?


5.Regular (R) or irregular (I) verbs?









6.Complete the sentences with the past simple

1.I got up a shower and some fruit for breakfast.

2.Then I went to the sports centre.

3.I swam 500 meters in the swimming pool and then

4.I ran 5 kilometers.

5.At lunchtime I met my friends in a café.

6.We ate some pasta and drank some juice

7.After lunch I slept for a few hours, I was tired!


Complete the sentences


1. I opened the door and __ (look) inside.

2. Who __ (close) all the windows?

3. I __ (carry) my mom´s shopping bag.

4. I __ (not climb) over the fence.

5. I __ (rip) my shirt.

6. The plane __ (land) ten minutes ago.

7. We __ (live) in that house when I was a baby.

8. My brother __ (not cry) when he fell of his bike.

9. We __ (walk) to school yesterday.

10. She __ (smile) when she saw me.

11. We __ (hurry) to the station to catch the train.

12. She __ (laugh) when I told her the joke.

13. We __ (race) each other on our bikes.

14. Dad __ (not help) me with my homework.

15. Helen __ (whisper) me a secret.

16. Luis Miguel __ (hurry) to catch a bus.

17. We __ (return) our books to the library.

18. She __ (not kiss) the frog.

19. The frog __ (change) into a prince.

20. Two doctors __ (rush) into the room.

21. I __ (not kick) the ball very hard.

22. Who __ (invent) the computer?

23. Dinosaurs __ (live) many years ago.

24. It __ (not snow) last night.

25. They __ (not work) until twelve last night.




4.didnt climb




8.didnt cry






14.didnt help




18.didnt kiss



21.didnt kick



24.didnt show

25.didnt work


1. I __ (lose) my watch in the park.

2. David __ (not hurt) his knee.

3. I kicked the ball and it __ (break) a window.

4. My new shoes __ (not cost) a lot of money.

5. I __ (get) this book from the library.

6. We had a garage where we __ (keep) our car.

7. Ali __ (cut) his knee.

8. The glass __ (fall) off the table.

9. The glass __ (not break).

10. We __ (sell) our old car.

11. We __ (buy) a new car.

12. The bell __ (not ring).

13. We all __ (go) into school.

14. The dog __ (catch) the ball.

15. The man __ (not kneel) down.

16. Our cat __ (run) onto the road.

17. Jane __ (not write) a letter.

18. I __ (buy) a new camera last week.

19. We __ (drive) to a safari park yesterday.

20. Yesterday Dad __ (not take) me to the carnival.

21. Elizabeth __ (give) Eva a chocolate.

22. Jack and Jill __ (not go) up the hill.

23. Her ring __ (cost) ten Euros.

24. I __ (put) sugar in my coffee.

25. He __ (not hit) the ball over the net.



2.didn’t hurt


4.didn’t cost

5.got6 keeped



9.wasn’t broken



12.didn’t ring



15.didn’t kneel


17.didn’t write



20.didn’t take


22.didn’t go



25.didn’t hit

My heroes

I want to tell you about my heroes. It seems to me that everyone has a hero. My heroes are my girlfriends. Their names are Susanna and Syuzanna. I have known them for 3 years. During those three years we have fought, laughed, helped, and so on. For a while I was very upset with everything, but they always helped me. No one could help me. Thanks to them, a lot has changed in my life. I am very grateful to those who have appeared in my life.


English in Mind
Pages 24-26

1. Watch
2. Lives
3. Do…like
4. Play
5. Doesn’t like
6. Gives
7. Does…work
8. Do…write. Don’t
9. Don’t get up

1. Music
2. Drama
3. Maths
4. English
5. Sience
6. History
7. French
8. Geography
9. Technology
10. Chemistry

1. Erin’s job was to organise papers.
2. Erin started to look for more information about Hinkley, because she realised that there were lots of sick people in Hinkley.
3. The sick people in Hinkley lived near a big Pacific gas and Electric factory.
4. The people were sick because chromium in their drinking water.
5. Pacific gas and Electric factory paid 500000$ to each people.
6. Erin Brochvich is famous and has her own company and she gives talks to all over the world.


1.Your results

You answered 10 tasks out of 10 correctly. That is 100%.

  1. This president had little power.

  2. She spoke little English. It was nearly impossible to understand her.

  3. They got few complaints.

  4. I’m sorry, but I have little time to waste.

  5. He is lucky. He has few problems.

  6. They have little interest in politics.

  7. There’s very little communication between them.

  8. Few children understood the difference.

  9. We had little hope that his sister would survive.

  10. Very few students studied Latin last year.

    2.Your results

    You answered 10 tasks out of 10 correctly. That is 100%.

    1. How many stars are there in the sky?

    2. How many people live on islands?

    3. How many birds are there?

    4. How much water is in the ocean?

    5. How much money is in a bank?

    6. How many countries are there in the world?

    7. How much bread is eaten per day?

    8. How many bones are there in the human body?

    9. How much sand is in the deserts?

    10. How much information is on the internet?

      3.Your results

      You answered 10 tasks out of 10 correctly. That is 100%.

      1. We need some bananas.

      2. You can’t buy any posters in this shop.

      3. We haven’t got any oranges at the moment.

      4. Peter has bought some new books.

      5. She always takes some sugar with her coffee.

      6. I have seen some nice postcards in this souvenir shop.

      7. There aren’t any folders in my bag.

      8. I have some magazines for you.

      9. There are some apples on the table.

      10. Pam does not have any pencils on her desk


We have spoken about what pupils do at school, at lessons and during breaks. But boys and girls don’t spend the whole day at school. This talk will be about what they do when school is over and they are free. Not everybody goes home after the last lesson. Many boys and girls – the most active members of the class and school – stay at school for so me time for social activities. They organize parties, conferences, and games meetings. The school library is open at this time for pupils who come to choose a new book or read an interesting magazine. There are different after-school clubs at school; each member of an after-school club goes there to do something which interests him. Sports sections are also very popular. Their members play games and go in for gymnastics. You can see boys and girls from all classes either in the gymnasium or on the sport-ground. As you know, schoolchildren have to study after school, too. They have homework to do. When do you think it is better to begin doing homework? As doctors and teachers say, the best time is after dinner and an hour’s walk. If you have no rest, it’ll be difficult to prepare your lessons. Work about the house is a good rest from studying, too. The English people say, “A change of work is as good as a rest”. So it is useful to go to the shops and buy something. But if you meet a friend in the street, don’t talk too much because you’ll have too little time for your lessons.


1. What do you like to do after school?
Go home and relax.
2. Can you do what you like or there are things you must do?
I have things that I must to do.


3. Does your school have playing fields?
Yes, many
4. What is your favorite kind of sport?


5. What out-of-school activities are you fond of?

I don’t know.


  1. When did you start school? Do you remember your first day?
    I went to school at age 5.When I entered the classroom, everyone immediately became friends with me
  2. How far do you have to travel from home to school? How do you get to school?
    It takes 5 minutes from our home to school: I drive by car.
  3. Do you enjoy school life? What did you like and dislike about it?
    I love my school very much and I am very happy to go to that school.
  4. Who is your favorite teacher? What do you remember about him or her?
    My favorite teacher was Mary, she taught me in the first grade. She was very kind and beautiful
  5. What is your favorite subject at school? Why?
    My favorite subject is math. I like math because my lecturer is very good
  6. Do you have to wear a uniform to school?
  7. How many children are there in your class? What is the best number of students for a class?
  8. What do you and your classmates do during your lunch break?
    I’m just walking with my  best friends
  9. Is there bullyingat your school?
  10. Do you get a lot of homework? Do you think it helped you learn?
    We are not given many lessons, but there are days that I cannot teach
  11. How much sport do you do at school? Is sport important for school kids?
    At our school I do gymnastics, fencing, cycling and volleyball. At school, he was definitely involved in sports
  12. When students behave badly, how are they punished at your school?
    The lecturer gets angry at himself and finally
  13. What do you think about physical punishment? Is it effective?
  14. Did you ever skip school? What did you do instead of going to school?
    I ran away with my best friend in 5th grade. We just went to the cafeterias

My hobby

Hi I’m Ani and I’m telling you about My hobby.I am 12 years old. I was born in Armenia I live in Yerevan, I study in Mkhitar Sebastiats. I have two close friends whose names are Susik and Syuzi. I like to do a lot of things, but most of all I like  to dance, play with the computer, eat, talk to my best friend and I  love spending time with my best frinds because she is so happy with them. I have been involved in sports since childhood, for example such as cycling, fencing and more.

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